Co-Curricular Clubs


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mitchelton SHS offers a vast range of co-curricular programs before, during and after school. Reflecting on our school values of Participation, Accountability and Respect, our club programs instil a culture of high expectations inside and outside the classrooms. Students are provided with experiences that develop new skills, build confidence and cement connections within our school community. The co-curricular program aims to inspire individual excellence and celebrates the success of every Mitchie student. ​

The 2021 clubs timetable and extra-curricular permission form can be downloaded from the related links on this page.

Accounting/Business Club

Accounting and Business club is designed to support of our students undertaking these subjects. During the study sessions on Wednesday 3:00pm - 4:00pm, students are provided with assistance from ​Ms. Brown to understand and develop their knowledge, whilst learning ways to apply this to assessment pieces. ​​

Basketball Club

On Wednesday during Break 1 students gather at the basketball courts with Mr. Caskey to practice and perfect their basketball skills. At the end of semester, the senior basketball team eagerly challenge a team of teachers in a crowd pleasing competition. 

Choreographers Club

Choreographers club allows students the open space to create and express themselves through independent and group works. Students have the guidance and expertise provided by Mrs. Scholtz, allowing them various creative outlets to take inspiration from. 

Dance Club

Practicing in our new Performing Arts Centre, students have the opportunity to build on inspiration from our dance teacher, Ms. Burn. The guidance and practice of routines allow the dancers to develop and utilise techniques throughout their group, solo and assessment pieces for curricular and extra-curricular performances. ​


On Wednesday morning from 7:30 - 8:30 drama club takes place with Ms. Riley and Ms. Burn. In the Performing Arts Centre, students have the opportunity to express their creative style of literature in an art form.​

Homework Club

Homework club is for students who require help in completing homework and assignments or general support with studies. The club is run weekly on Wednesday afternoon from 3:00pm - 4:00pm in the school library and is supported by our staff, particularly Ms. Kraschnefski who has volunteered this time.​ 

Kokoda Challenge Club

The Gold Coast Kokoda 48km walk will take place in July and our students, accompanied by Mrs. van Raders, Ms. Arnell and Ms. Perry commenced their training in Term 1. Mitchie have entered three teams into the challenge and each group is required to fundraise for the event, with proceeds being donated to the Kokoda Youth Foundation. 

Leo's Club

The Brisbane Bunya Lions club is a community group which supports our school Lions Leo club, and wider community. The club members organise various fundraising events throughout the year in support of projects that aim to provide assistance to communities in need. 

Mitchie Matrix Soccer Club

The Matrix soccer team play their games in the school holidays, as part of the University of Queensland social competitions. Soccer club training takes place on the school oval on Friday afternoons, after school. Students have the opportunity to practice their technical and teamwork skills. whilst working towards their fitness goals.

Music Club

Mrs. Miles and Ms. Kraschnefski have developed an inclusive club for musicians to rehearse openly for composition and performing, either independently and within group scenarios. The students have the opportunity to thoroughly practice and further their musical talents, which positively reflects throughout their assessment tasks.  ​​

Resistance Club

Resistance club provides students with the opportunity to train in the new school gym, a safe space dedicated to increasing fitness skills and working towards fitness related goals. Under the guidance of Mr. Hurley, students as well as the Spartan rugby and netball players immensely benefit in all aspects. Improvement is evidently seen within the classroom, at respective training sessions and competition games. 

​Spartans Netball Club

The Spartans Netball team train on Monday and Tuesday afternoon focusing on skills, technique and group fitness components of the game. Throughout the academic year, the students have the opportunity to play in different competitions in Brisbane and surrounds. 

Spartans Rugby Club​

Rugby at Mitchelton began in 2018 and has provided a high-quality schoolboy rugby 7's program, played throughout the academic year. Mitchie fields three teams, U13, U15 and Open Age Group, with teams training twice per week. Training sessions range between specialised skills sessions and fitness sessions.​​

​​Titration Club

​Titration club is facilitated for a select group of senior students currently studying chemistry and specifically for those students that wish to continue the study of chemistry after school. Mr. Davies, our Senior Science Teacher assists with the preparation for chemistry competitions, as well as supporting students with school-based chemistry assessments. 

​​Visual Art Club

​​Visual Art club offers students the resources and flexibility to explore their creative passions. This time outside of scheduled class lessons, with Ms. Ellett and Ms. Calci allows the students to individually express themselves. 

Last reviewed 20 August 2021
Last updated 20 August 2021